Local Art

7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Local Art When You Travel To Africa

The beauty of local art is there are just so many African art forms to choose from. Be it landscape, portraits, animals, or even African wildlife, local artists often provide something unique and original. Most pieces are handcrafted to speed up the creative process or help aid in the process, so these handcrafted pieces are truly one-of-a Kind. If you have an interest in African art forms or would just like to see more of the African continent’s amazing artwork, a visit to one of the many local art galleries is the perfect way to do so. Here, you will find beautiful original works from various African regions.

Toukouni is a type of landscape art that involves the use of water and landscape. This type of local art has gained popularity over the past decade as more African cities have begun incorporating this type of art into their landscape paintings. It was created by local artists using watercolors and markers. Toukouni landscape paintings can be found all over the world. A trip to the African continent will surely yield a number of these paintings. They will definitely astound you.

Another form of African art is what is known as pottery. This is the handcrafting of clay pots and other containers made by local artists. These are collectible items that are highly valued by collectors all over the world. Some of the most famous local potters include Kameneck and Essene.

If you love local art, one of your best chances at acquiring a piece of it is by visiting the African art galleries. These galleries are not only great resources for buying original pieces, but they are also great places for you to meet with local artists. Many local artists use their time at the art gallery to practice what they have learned from their masters.

Street art is another favorite for many African street artists. Street art is the term used to describe any work of art that is created on the street. You will find numerous street artists displaying their works in Africa. The most notable forms are graffiti and mask making. Both of these forms of street art are becoming highly popular among street artists all over the world.

African street artists have also set up booths at local art fairs. These booths are great opportunities for you to get to know local businesses and meet their owners. Most business owners would like to engage local artists to showcase their wares. As you browse through the exhibits you will probably see at least one African-themed exhibit. You can further explore the town by checking out the local galleries. The African art gallery exhibits work that was made by local artists.

There are a number of reasons why you should buy local art when you travel to Africa. It will bring you closer to the people, it will help develop your sense of local culture and you will learn a lot about the history of Africa. The 7 reasons listed above are just a few of the benefits that you will experience. Another benefit will be developing an appreciation for the impact of local artists on the African continent. It is these artists that continue to influence our society today.

If you love Africa and you want to see the local art in action, there are still opportunities to see African street artists in action. Check online for local art organizations in your area. Most African cities host street festivals featuring local artisans and musicians. Check out the website and you will find contact information for the artists and musicians as well as where they will be selling their merchandise.